By Farooq Omar – based on work done ‘Simon Greeman’ (2019) Artificial Intelligence has given a rare opportunity who dare to take control and be the first movers into the almost “Uncontested” Domain of New Market Space. The new market and corporate is about to take off or rather catapult leaving others behind in next 12 months. Who will and likely to do so, Here are few examples and it serves a guidance for those Read More
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  On the off chance that you deal with a group, there’s a decent shot you’ve known about key execution markers (KPIs). Notwithstanding whether you’re comfortable with them or regardless you’re asking, “What is a KPI precisely?” But I am sure that you never or seldom had to answer what is a ‘Good KPI and Bad KPI. Let’s takes a snapshot. Instances of Bad Measures and KPIs To genuinely comprehend the great measures, how about Read More
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Strategy – Passing the Strategic Test Through Value Generation                               Managerial Conceptual Model As a c-suite executive in an organization and industry, it is almost imperative that the job demanded to create value for driving the profitability, growth and the ‘sustenance’ of the demanded growth. The intent is the navigating, exploring and detecting the right direction along with your chosen team to avoid disruptions and change facing the industry. In the prevalent times the corporate executives faces Read More
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